10 best free beautiful happy lohri 2020:wishes-greeting card-images-quotaion-sms status

About Lohri Festival 2020: wishes-images-quotations-greeting card-sms status

Fast Facts 

  • It is also known as Lal loi or Lohadi
  • celebrated on every 13 January 
  • Lohri is a popular winter Punjabi folk festival primarily celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus
  • It is Religious and Culture type

why Lohri celebrate ?

  • People believe the festival commemorates the passing of the winter solstice.
  • lohari marks the end of winter and traditional welcome of longer days and sun’s journey to the Northen hemisphere.

How Lohri celebrate ?

  • lohri is night event and celebrations with Bonfire,song and dance(Bhangra and Gidda)
  • Lohri is celebrated one day before Makar sankranti
  • according to the solar part of the lunisolar Bikrami Calendar and typically falls about the same date every year on 13 January

 Free Top 10 beautiful wishes,images,greeting card and Quotes

happy wishes image 2020

I wish the warmth of bonefire fills your home and heart
with the spirit of happiness on this Lohri!
 Warm wishes for the festiva
Happy Lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020

“Wishing You & Your Family a Very Happy Lohri.
May This Lohri fire burn all the moments 
of sadness And bring you warmth ofJoy,
 Happiness & Prosperity”
Happy lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020
May Your Life Be As Colourful
And Joyful As The Festival Of Lohri
Lohri Ki Lakh LakhVadhaiyan
Happy Lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020
May the bonfire give you warmth and joys of life,
rewari and gachak bring sweetens to your relationships, 
moongphalli and til add crispness to your actions and 
the kite of your success soar high into the sky 
Happy Lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020
Hope you enjoy many moments of happiness and 
be jolly as you sing and dance around the bonfire 
Happy Lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020
“Sundri Mundri Hei! Hoi!Tera Kaun Bechara! Hoi!Dullah Bhatti wala! Hoi!Dullah Di Dhi viyahi ! Hoi !Sher Shakar pai! Hoi!Kuri de Mamme aaye! Hoi!UnaNe ChuRi Kuti! Hoi!Jimidari Lutti! Hoi!”
Happy Lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020
Happy Lohri vekheya sadi yaari,
Sawere sawere hi wish maari,
Ehnu kehnde ne hushiari,
Hun wish karan di tuhaadi hai vaari.
Happy Lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020
फिर आ गई भंगड़े की बारी; लोहड़ी मनाने की करो तैयारी,
आग के पास सब आओ; सुंदर-मुंदरिये जोर से गाओ
लोहरी की बहुत बहुत सुभकामनाऐ २०२० 

happy wishes image 2020
The moon has come fully on the fest day,
 Smile comes on every face, 
Reason behind Lohri has come, 
Celebrate Lohri enjoy Lohri
 Happy lohri 2020

happy wishes image 2020

God bless you with a lot of happiness &
may God pour their love on your family on this Lohri”
       Happy lohri 2020

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